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Preparing for Faculty Careers

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Certificate Overview

The Preparing for a Faculty Career certificate is a 6-week series designed to give advanced graduate students and postdoctoral scholars insight into the academic job search process, the nature of faculty positions at different sorts of institutions, and how to successfully navigate the transition into a faculty career. The series will be conducted in an interactive fashion, which will give participants the opportunity to draft and get feedback on their application materials. Participants will practice interviewing skills, understand what makes a job talk successful, learn how to negotiate a job offer, and anticipate their transitions into their desired careers. 

Sessions will be led by faculty, staff, students, and alumni who have experience seeking faculty positions, hiring faculty, or advising individuals about the job search process.

What You'll Learn

Components of the job search and application process.

  • Job search strategies, Postdoctoral positions, CVs, and cover letters.
  • Compoents of the job application, including research statements, writing samples, and teaching materials. 
  • Insight into the job talk and campus visit.
  • Practice interviewing skills. 

Who Should Apply

Advanced Graduate students and Postdoctoral Scholars interested in faculty careers and are preparing for the job market.

Certificate Requirements

Participants must attend all sessions in their entirety to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Course Schedule

Summer 2021 Dates: TBD

Date Session Description
Week 1 Job Search Strategies, Postdoctoral Positions, CV's and Cover Letters
Week 2 Components of the Job Application: Research Statement and Writing Sample
Week 3 Components of the Job Application: Teaching Materials and Demonstrations
Week 4 The Job Talk and Campus Visit
Week 5 Interviewing Skills
Week 6 Transitioning to the Academic Workplace

How to Apply

Complete and submit the Interest Form.


For more information, contact Kayleigh Anderson-Natale, Ph.D. Director of Postdoc and Professional Development, at