Timeline for Preparation

Sophomore Year

Some UC Irvine programs may have admissions criteria, deadlines or requirements that differ from the general university requirements. You should always contact your desired program to ensure that you meet specific admission criteria and deadlines established by the program, and to find its specific admissions requirements.

Summer (Pre Senior Year)

  • Do a summer research program here at UCI or at another institution
  • Work on your statement of purpose and personal history statement
  • Take the GRE exam

Senior Year

  • Request three faculty letters of recommendation by early fall
  • Finalize your statement of purpose and personal history statement
  • Submit extramural funding applications during the fall
  • Submit your graduate application to UC Irvine!

General Tips

  • Start early and work on your graduate application the summer before you plan to apply.
  • Know the application deadlines for the programs you are applying to. They vary for each institution and program. Click here to view UCI’s graduate program deadlines.
  • Make sure all parts of your application have been received:
    • You can go here to see if the following has been submitted: at http://services.adcom.uci.edu/approgress/
      • GRE scores (if necessary)
      • Electronic letters of recommendation submitted
    • In order to verify that the following has been received, contact the program to which you applied:
      • Transcripts
      • Mailed in letters of recommendation

For information about graduate school at UC please visit: http://www.ucop.edu/graduate-studies/_files/whats-next.pdf