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Paid over a nine-month period, Oct. 1 to June 1
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The Faculty Mentor Program (FMP) Fellowship is designed to increase the number of students who complete their Ph.D. degree and successfully acquire a faculty appointment. Fellows are expected to participate in meaningful research and, eventually, developing an independent project.

Award Information

  • Fellows receive one year of fellowship support paid directly by the Graduate Division, including a yearly stipend of $29,400 (paid over a nine-month period, Oct. 1 to June 1) and full resident tuition and fees.
    • Graduate programs also provide fellows a supplement to the fellowship (minimum 16%: $4,600) paid over a nine-month period, Oct. 1 to June 1.
  • Fellows receive a $500 academic travel stipend.
  • Fellows are expected to participate in meaningful research during the Fall quarter of their award year.
  • Fellows are expected to develop an independent project for the Winter and Spring quarters of the award year.
  • Fellows are required to participate in UCI’s tracking of programs to assess student progress and eventual job placement.
  • Please note:
    • Fellows are prohibited from being employed as a TA or GSR during the term of this fellowship.  GSR employment may not exceed 24% time without exceptional approval
    • Non-resident tuition is NOT covered by this fellowship award.

If students have applied for and accepted Financial Aid loans or Work-Study awards and subsequently receive any fellowships, the additional support may affect their eligibility for need-based financial aid. Students should contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to determine if their eligibility will be affected.

Students should review the terms of any funding that they have accepted for the 2023-2024 academic year to ensure that they are eligible to receive additional fellowship funding.

Important Dates

Call for Nominations:  February 23, 2024

Submission DeadlineApril 4, 2024, 12 pm

The deadline for Schools to submit nominations to the Graduate Division is Friday, April 4, 2023 by 12:00 pm. Late or incomplete nomination packets will not be reviewed. Students should check with their academic program for internal deadlines and submit a complete student application form to their department. All Schools, including those in the College of Health Sciences and the Program in Public Health, are invited to nominate their top two candidates. 

Eligibility Criteria

Nominees must be current UCI Ph.D. students who are in the pre-advancement stage of their program, and they must not be at the dissertation stage during the tenure of the award.

  • Nominees must demonstrate high potential and promise
  • Nominees must indicate an interest in an academic career in teaching and research
  • Nominees must be United States citizens, permanent residents or AB540 status (international students are not eligible for this fellowship).
  • Nominees must have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Students must enroll full-time in 12 units during each quarter of fellowship tenure

Nominees must qualify as a diversity student, as defined by the University of California and demonstrate experience of situations or conditions which were an impediment to advancing to graduate study, such as socioeconomic or educational limitations, the absence of a family member who attended college, matriculation in a school with poor financial or curricular support, having a physical or learning disability or working long hours while attending school.

Nomination Process

Schools are asked to set internal deadlines and collect the student applications accordingly.  Based on merit, schools will then forward nominations of the students to the Graduate Division by Thursday, April 4, 2024 at 12 pm.

Students must submit the FMP Student Application Form electronically to their department before the internal program/department deadline.  Please also include the following items in a single PDF:

  • A brief (2-4 page) Mentoring Plan that includes a schedule of training goals and activities for the 9-month time period
  • A letter of recommendation from the faculty member who will serve as the mentor
  • Unofficial transcripts including most recent winter quarter grades
  • Student curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A detailed listing of all funding support received by the student

Departments must complete the FMP Department Nomination Form for each student the department is nominating. Please also include the following items:

  • Completed FMP Student Application Form
  • Mentoring Plan including a schedule of training goals/activities (2-4 page document)
  • Faculty Mentor letter of recommendation
  • Unofficial transcript (include Winter 2023 grades, if applicable)
    • If winter grades are not available by time of submission, Graduate Division will review official grades to verify student meets academic requirements
  • Student’s curriculum vitae
  • Detailed listing of all funding/support

Save this new PDF file and forward nomination packages to your school for ranking, cover letter and signature.

Schools must submit completed documentation for the top two school nominees using the FMP School Nomination Form.  Please be sure to include:

  • PDF nomination packet for each student the school is nominating



E-Mail: Fellowships@exchange.uci.edu

Before this fellowship is awarded, we will be checking Winter grades to make sure the awardee(s) is/are in good academic standing. Prospective awardees not in good academic standing risk being removed from consideration of fellowship disbursement.

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