Upcoming Modules and Events

  • UCI Graduate Division successfully launched A2i, Accelerate to Industry in Fall of 2023 with the Job Search Strategies Module and a pilot cohort of over 35 PhD students and Postdocs. Our inaugural 5-week intensive Job Search Strategies workshop series included a series of virtual preparatory workshops, followed by in-person workshops hosted by many industry panelists from a variety of industries. This intimate panel-type environment encouraged participants to actively participate in the questions and answer session and to network with our industry guests. Check out the Fall 2023 Syllabus here, we are in the process of developing the Fall 2024 Syllabus. Please contact Jennifer Ellinger or Karen Friedlander at to inquire about the Fall 2024 registration list.
  • Site Visits: An excellent way to explore a company, see what the inside of a corporation looks like, how it operates and more. Our site visit model includes opportunities to network with hiring managers and stakeholders, to share your resume and to practice your interviewing skills in a mock 1:1 or group interview. We are currently in the process of scheduling site visits with a variety of companies for Spring 2024. These companies include: Raytheon Technologies, Cie and Masimo. Announcements of dates coming soon! If you have a connection at a company or a company you are interested in exploring, please reach out to Jennifer Ellinger for assistance.
  • Industry Immersion: This is an intensive experiential learning experience meant to prepare UCI graduate students, postdocs, and alumni for the corporate environment. The A2i Immersion module includes three days of workshops focused on topics presented by our industry partners, followed by Q & A and networking opportunities. Coming to UCI in summer of 2024, please contact Jennifer Ellinger to learn more.

Student Testimonials

“It was an incredible experience participating in the Immersion Week of the Accelerate to Industry program at NC State University. The intensive week was nothing short of transformative, packed with rigorous workshops and engaging talks that were carefully curated to address the nuances and challenges of entering the industry. One of the most impactful features of this program was the direct interaction we had with industry professionals. The personalized feedback they provided helped me identify my strengths, recognize areas for improvement, and fine-tune my skill set in alignment with industry demands. The workshops and talks covered a wide spectrum of topics, from crafting a compelling resume and optimizing our online presence to mastering the art of effective networking. Undoubtedly, the most enjoyable aspect of the experience was connecting with incredibly talented students from universities all over the U.S. This opportunity allowed me to not only gain insights into their individual journeys and research pursuits but also establish meaningful friendships. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a seamless transition from academia to the industry.”

“The Immersion Week for Accelerating to Industry was an absolutely, unforgettable experience! Throughout the week, we were exposed to invaluable insights, workshops, and interactions with industry experts who generously shared their experiences and wisdom. These resources are immensely useful in preparing me for job search in the industry. The support and guidance we received from the program facilitators were exceptional. They were always willing to address our questions and concerns. One of the most significant highlights was the opportunity to network with fellow students and potential employers. The connections I made during the Immersion Week have opened doors for future job opportunities that I could have never imagined before. Thanks to this program, I now feel confident and well-prepared to tackle the challenges that lie ahead in the industry. I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this exceptional program.”

“The greatest aspect of the A2i immersion week was the opportunity to network with other PhDs from various backgrounds. These are your peers who are shaping science in their respective fields, and having the opportunity to network was truly invaluable. The A2i summit also enabled me to focus on improving critical career materials such as my resume, LinkedIn, and elevator pitch. These materials will be used beyond the job search and having the opportunity to improve them with insights from others at the summit was extremely useful.”