Rose Hills Foundation Science & Engineering Scholarship Graduate School Program

About the Award 

UCI is awarded funds for the Rose Hills Foundation Science & Engineering Scholarship Graduate School Program. UCI will receive the funds over a four-year span (2020/2021 through the 2023/2024 academic years), for expendable scholarships benefiting graduate students from Southern California, subject to the terms and conditions.


The Rose Hills Foundation Scholarships will be awarded to meritorious graduate student who meet the following criteria: 

  • Are pursuing a graduate degree (PhD, Masters or co-Terminal Masters) in the life or natural sciences, or engineering;
  • Are U.S. Citizens; and
  • Whose permanent address is in Southern California and reside South of the Tehachapi Mountains
  • Only students with University cumulative grade point averages of 3.5 or higher should be consider 


Graduate Division will provide on an annual basis to Academic Schools a list of potential eligible scholars (as of Spring Quarter) base on the criteria stated above. Schools will select candidate(s) from the list and submit to Graduate Division by the specified dates, these dates can be found under the tentative timeline section below for 2020. These will be updated in future years and distributed to the schools. 

Each eligible school is apportioned a number of fellowships based on the number of eligible students in that School. Thus, the numbers may change each year. Each school may determine their own method for selecting fellows so long as they meet eligibility requirements. 

Reporting Requirements 

Upon acceptance of the award, the school and recipient(s) must agree to complete the reporting requirement that consists of an annual progress report, and a final report at the end of the 4th and final year. Below is a summary of the required annual Progress and Final reports.

When you select the students, please provide the following information, completed by the student, as well as a simple list of names in an email to Latoya Wilson []. 

Individual student profiles (maximum 2 pages per student recipient) addressing the following questions: 

  • Why did you choose this school?
  • What are your career goals or post-graduation plans?
  • List any noteworthy achievements, scholarships/fellowships secured, including names of your published works and/or links to those publications.
  • If you had an opportunity to tell the donor what your scholarship means to you, what would you say?
  • Please tell us about your extracurricular or outside interests.
  • Please describe your area of focus and the aims of your current research (if applicable). 

Ongoing Progress Report 

For former recipients, each year we will collect: 

  • Any updates to information already submitted
  • Career information from graduated students 

Final Report 

Schools will provide input into the final report in four years: 

  • Describe the immediate and possible long-term impact of the Scholarship program and the importance thereof.
  • Were any programmatic or administrative problems encountered? If so, describe their impact. How were they addressed?
  • Updates and career trajectory information on specific students as available 


Graduate Division will process the $10,000 award for each student on or around October 1 each year. This fellowship may be used on top of other funding. 

2022 First Year Rose Hills Foundation Fellowship Awardees

2022 Second and Third Year Rose Hills Foundation Fellowship Awardees

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