Career Development

The UCI Graduate Professional Success (GPS) Initiative was developed to organize Graduate Division’s workshops and certificate programs around 8 core competencies (listed below). 

  • Discipline-specific conceptual knowledge
  • Research skill development
  • Careers and Entrepreneurship
  • Teaching and Pedagogy
  • Communication and Cultural Fluency
  • Ethics and Professional Responsibility
  • Leadership and Management
  • Life Skills

All postdoctoral scholars are strongly encouraged to conduct a self-assessment and establish plans for improving these competencies during their UCI postdoctoral appointment using an Individual Development Plan (IDP) with their mentor. The IDP process will help guide the postdoc on how to best take advantage of UCI’s many resources.  Below are the UCI IDP editable plan/worksheet and accompanying guide.  Additional IDP resources are also provided.

The OPA sponsors quarterly orientations which includes an overview of the professional development resources here at UCI. The UCI Postdoctoral Scholar Handbook can be downloaded and contains information about UCI resources which includes the units providing professional development opportunities. You are also encouraged to make an individual appointment to discuss your goals so we can provide information about the appropriate resources. Contact Kayleigh Anderson-Natale with questions or to make an appointment.

UCI-Affiliated Offices with Additional Programming and Resources

Check their websites and calendars for upcoming events.

Additional Resources:The National Postdoctoral Association (NPA) – UCI Postdocs can join free as an affiliate individual member.

The Professional Organization(s) within your discipline may offer career advice, access to mentors and job searches.