Postdoc Academy

Register for PALS using this form.  More information about the program can be found at this website.

Want to learn about how to get the most out of your postdoctoral appointment at UCI?  Join UCI Graduate Division, GPS-STEM and the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation for the Postdoc Academy Learning Sessions (PALS).  The PALS are a local supplement for the Postdoc Academy.  Starting in January 2023, the Postdoc Academy will be offering their “Succeeding as a Postdoc” course, which focuses on building foundational skills and career planning and establishing the professional habits postdocs will need to strategically prepare for their career and succeed in their postdoc. Registration opens up January 30 and you can sign up for the online course here.  The course is free, but you may elect to pay a fee to receive a certification.

In addition to the online course, UCI postdocs can also sign up to attend the Postdoc Academy Learning Sessions, which are local seminars tailored for the unique needs of the UCI postdoc community.  Although the online courses are a helpful supplement to the PALS, participants do NOT need to be registered for the online course to participate in the PALSs. All sessions will be held in person at the UCI Graduate and Postdoctoral Scholar Resource Center from 12-1 PM.  Bring along your lunch and come learn and build community with other UCI postdocs!   Session descriptions below. 

  • February 15, Succeeding as a Postdoc: Identify resources and strategies to make the most of your time as a UCI postdoc.
    • Speaker: Matthew Mahavongtrakul, Ph.D, STEM Specialist, UC Irvine Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation
  • February 22, Developing Resilience: Explore strategies to cultivate emotional resilience and how it carries us through life’s challenges.
    • Speaker(s):Kaeleigh Hayakawa, MS, California Community College Internship Program CoordinatorPhong Luong, Psy. D., Grad Counselor, UCI Graduate DivisionTheresa Duong, PhD, Pedagogical Wellness Specialist, DTEI
  • March 1, Working in an Intercultural Environment: Build skills and strategies for communicating and leading effectively in diverse settings.
    • Speaker: Jade Turner, MS, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Officer
  • March 8, Building an Actionable Career Plan: Establish next steps and beyond to pursue your post-postdoctoral career.
    • Speaker: Joanne Ly, PhD, Program Director, GPS-STEM at UC Irvine