Improv For Teaching

Improv for Teaching is a 4-week certificate program designed to give you the tools to help you lead a dynamic and engaging classroom!

About the Instructor: 

Bri McWhorter is the Founder and CEO of Activate to Captivate. Bri teaches communication techniques from an actor’s point of view. She specializes in public speaking, scientific communications, interview skills, and interpersonal communications. She has taught workshops at Fortune 500 companies, privately coached CEOs at nonprofits, and led certificate programs at top universities. She is the creator of W.A.V.E.®, a program where she teaches speakers how to overcome nerves, use body language, and rely on their voice to tell an engaging story. She has coached speakers for academic symposiums at various institutions including UC Office of the President, UC Irvine, and UC Santa Barbara. She has an MFA in Acting from University of California, Irvine and a BA in Theater and Performance Studies from University of California, Berkeley.

What You’ll Learn

The goal of this class is to help you feel confident thinking on your feet while staying relaxed in unexpected circumstances. This highly interactive program will help participants learn to:

  • Think on your feet
  • Engage in active listening techniques
  • Create a collaborative learning environment
  • Expand your imagination to lead a dynamic classroom

Who Should Apply

Graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from all disciplines interested in improving public speaking skills in an interactive setting.

Certificate Requirements

This is a 4-week certificate program. You must attend all classes to receive the certificate of completion. This program is offered in Fall and Spring Quarter. 

Course Schedule

  • 2023 Summer Schedule
    • Meet twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • All sessions will be hosted in-person at the GPSRC

How to Apply

Complete and submit the Improv for Teaching Interest Form. The Interest Form will be open until program capacity is reached.


Questions? Email the Graduate & Postdoctoral Scholars Resource Center at or call 949-824-3849.