Management Beyond the Classroom

The Management Certificate Program is a training program for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars that provides a wide range of foundational management skills that are often not taught in the classroom or formally in a lab setting yet are expected for management positions in industry and the academy. Skills will be useful for research and non-research careers. This program launched in the Fall of 2020. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Skills in three broad categories: 1) management in the real world, 2) finances, and 3) effective team management. 
  • Obtain a broad range of transferable management skills for both academic and non-academic careers. 
  • Earn a Management Certificate upon completion. 
  • Practice what you are learning through interactive practicums.

Who Should Apply

This program is open to graduate students and postdoctoral scholars from all disciplines. Priority enrollment is given to students closest to graduating. 

Certificate Requirements

To receive the Management Certificate, participants will be required to complete: 6 Core Courses which includes the Practicums, and 3 Elective Courses. Elective courses can be completed throughout the academic year. Elective courses are open to non-certificate participants.

Core Courses & Practicums: 

For MBC participants only.

Elective Courses:

MBC program participants must complete 3 electives to receive the certificate of completion. *Electives are open to non-program graduate students and postdocs. 

Fall elective schedule coming soon!

How to Apply

Complete the Interest Form. Open until program capacity is reached. 


For more information, email or call 949-824-3849.